Wi-Fi: Change name – this is how it is possible

To clearly identify the Wi-Fi of your router, it is recommended to change its name. Since the Wi-Fi connection normally bears the name of your router, changing the Wi-Fi name is only possible via the user interface of the device.

With this procedure you change the Wi-Fi name

By default, a Wi-Fi network is displayed under the name of the respective router. To change this name, which is also called SSID, you need a computer connected to the router and open the user interface of the device.

  1. To do this, first launch any browser on your PC or Mac and enter the IP address of the router in the address bar there.
  2. Wait until the user interface of your router loads and log in there with your user data.
  3. Now navigate to “Wi-Fi” or “Settings” in the menu and look for the entry “Wi-Fi Name” or “SSID” to view the current router name.
  4. Now type a new name for your Wi-Fi network in the appropriate field and click “Apply” to save the change.

Wi-Fi name: How to change the password of your Wi-Fi

In addition to the name of your Wi-Fi, you can also change the associated Wi-Fi password, which is required to get access to the network. This change is also possible via the router’s user interface, which you can access as described above. Depending on which router you are using, click on “Wi-Fi” or “Security” and look for the entry “Wi-Fi key” or “Network key” to set a new password.

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