Change MAC address: Android – this is how it works

Your device can be uniquely identified in a network via a hardware network address, the so-called MAC address. So if you do not want you can be traced, you should try to change your MAC address. Although this requires a little effort on Android 11, it is still possible.

How to change your MAC address on Android 11

The so-called MAC address is a physical hardware address that uniquely identifies your device on a network. If you do not want to be identified by your MAC address in a network, you need to change it. However, you first have to root your device under Android 11 and install a third-party software that then simulates an alternative MAC address to other network participants. Rooting is necessary to get full access to all system data. However, you should only root your device if you know exactly what you are doing, as doing so may cause damage to your device and data.

  1. Download a root tool for Android to your computer.
  2. Connect your Android device to the computer via USB and perform rooting according to the tool’s instructions.
  3. After rooting is complete, you can install apps like Pry-Fi or Wi-Fi Mac Changer that are able to change your MAC address.
  4. Start the respective app and configure to change your MAC address.

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